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Patient Queue Management Software

Create an online waiting room for your clinic and keep patients safe and satisfied with SMS queuing and remote registration.

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Virtual Waiting Room Software

A contact-free online queue management system to protect your patients and employees.

Maintain social distancing in your clinic by keeping patients updated of their position in the queue, and have them show up exactly when your staff is ready to see them. The fresh, new way to keep waiting rooms empty.

Virtual Waiting Room Software

Key Customizable Features

Manage multiple waiting rooms and queues
Manage multiple medical waiting rooms directly from the MagicSeat dashboard and add multiple queues to the waiting rooms you’re already managing.

Provide average waiting time
Estimate the average waiting time for a patient based on an average appointment duration.

Register patients manually
Manually register any patient through the dashboard. This feature allows staff to add and notify patients who do not have access to an internet connection or smartphone.

Contactless Patient Intake

From home or at the clinic, two easy ways for patients to register.

From home
Patients can register for a consultation from home on your clinic’s website. Once registered, they will be kept up-to-date of their position in the queue via SMS or with the app.

At the clinic

Patients can register for a consultation directly at the clinic. They will complete their registration and be updated via SMS, no internet connection needed.

SMS Queue Updates

Via automated periodic SMS or in real-time via the app, your patients will be updated of their progress in the queue and know when it’s time for their consultation.

Smart Patient Queuing Software Designed for Urgent Care & Walk-in Clinics

While Pomelo's software can be customized to fit practices of any type or size, the queue management system works best for walk-in clinics, including urgent care centers, retail clinics, free clinics, and community health clinics.

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Keep your patients in the loop
Patients can be updated of their progress in the queue, to know when it’s time for their consultation , in-real-time via the app, or by automated periodic SMS updates.

Enable Patients to book online
Appointment Reminders
Automate all consultation reminders
Secure Messaging
Keep all communications in one place
Mobile Check-in
Offer Contactless Registration
Provide virtual care for patients
Queue Management
Create medical virtual waiting rooms