Pomelo Health Launches Expansion in The United States by Partnering with ELLKAY LLC


Pomelo Health Launches Expansion in The United States by Partnering with Healthcare Connectivity Leader ELLKAY LLC

Dominating Canada’s digital healthcare management through turnkey Access-to-Care and Patient Engagement products, Chronometriq is accelerating its U.S. operations through a partnership with ELLKAY, the leading U.S. Healthcare Connectivity Firm.

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J., . /CISION/ Chronometriq, a Montreal-based enterprise and developer of a leading end-to-end online healthcare productivity solutions is launching in the U.S. following the conclusion of a partnership with ELLKAY LLC. , an organization committed to ongoing innovation, developing cloud-based solutions that address the challenges that hospitals and health systems, laboratories, healthcare IT vendors, payers, and ambulatory practices face. ELLKAY’s solutions facilitate data exchange, streamline workflows, connect the care community, improve outcomes, and power data-driven and cost-effective patient-centric care.

ELLKAY has vast expertise in the United State’s Health Information Technology (IT). They have connected more than 48k practices, 250M unique patients and 450 labs through 700+ electronic health records (EMR) and practice management systems (PMS) in the past 17 years. They are a very well respected and established health IT firm.  We couldn’t’ ask for better partners to kickstart and accelerate Chronometriq’s growth in the U.S.” says Remi Richard, Head of Growth at and co-founder of Chronometriq. “This deal is extremely strategic for Chronometriq because, not only do they access the nation’s leading health systems, hospitals and laboratory decision makers, they also created and are maintaining thousands of medical software integrations, which will greatly maximize market penetration all the while significantly reducing time-to-market.” stated Shreya Patel, ELLKAY's VP of Product Management and Strategy.


ELLKAY is a recognized healthcare connectivity leader, providing solutions and services nationwide. With 17 years of industry experience, ELLKAY empowers hospitals and health systems, diagnostic laboratories, healthcare IT vendors, payers, and other healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technologies and solutions. With over 50,000 practices connected, ELLKAY's system capability arsenal has grown to over 700+ EMR/PMS systems across 1,100+ versions. To learn more about ELLKAY, please visit ELLKAY.com

About Chronometriq (Pomelo Health)

Chronometriq, founded in 2012, was named one of the twenty-five most innovative businesses by C2-MTL. Since then, they are now leaders in digital healthcare management, through their suite of products enabling full-circle appointment management for clinics and patients alike. In the past year alone, Chronometriq serviced 12 million users through the network of clinics across North America that use their products.

To learn more about Chronometriq, please contact Rémi Richard, Chief Growth Officer, via mobile 514 586-5724, or via email.

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