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Mobile Patient Intake Software

Before, online patient intake software was used solely for convenience.
Now, it’s being used to keep people safe.

Improve Patient Intake Processes

Increase patient satisfaction, and improve patient intake with a convenient mobile check-in platform.

By allowing patients to self-check-in, providers can monitor which patients have arrived, and which have not. Patients can also update any information that may have changed since their last appointment, directly on their phone, all while they wait.

By streamlining the intake process, providers can not only limit non-essential patient-to-staff contact, but provide excellent and convenient care, and make sure that everyone stays safe.

Mobile Patient Intake

Proof of presence

Patients can announce their presence and check-in to their appointment several different ways.

From Home
Patients can check-in from home via a link that will be provided to them in an email, on the day of the appointment.

At the Clinic
From the clinic, patients will be asked to either click the check-in link provided in their appointment reminder, or scan the check-in QR code displayed in the waiting room. Providers also have the option to allow the system to confirm a patient's arrival through device-geolocation.

Custom Self Check-in Instructions

Display customizable messages, like clinic updates, at the beginning or end of the check-in process. For example, direct patients on what to do when it’s their turn with custom instructions.

Tasks & Patient Forms
Providers can also assign tasks to patients upon check-in, such as filling out online registration forms. These tasks can also be customized by appointment type, making sure only the appropriate patients are being prompted.

Patient Chart Update

Once proof of presence is established, any updates the patient makes to their demographic information, along with any e-forms submissions associated with their appointment, will be synced directly to the provider's EHR.

Updated Status

Once the patient has completed their check-in tasks, their status will be updated and presented with custom instructions on what to do next.

Online Patient Registration Software to Promote Clinic Safety

Our Medical Self Check-in Kiosk is retiring!

Because of the pandemic, communal touch-devices are no longer practical, especially within clinics.

That's why we've decided to encourage patients to securely self check-in via their mobile devices, promoting safe social distancing and eliminating extra hardware.

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