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Improving Patient Experience Across All Appletree Medical Group Clinics


Appletree Medical Group Selects Pomelo Health (Chronometriq) to Improve Access-to-Care & Patient Experience Across All Clinics

Chronometriq (Pomelo Health) is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Appletree Medical Group, Canada’s most progressive, multi-disciplinary medical group with over 40 clinics.

Chronometriq, leader in digital healthcare management, access-to-care and patient experience tools for clinics, will implement its queue management solution, MagicSeat, in 40 Appletree medical centers across the country. Chronometriq’s innovative solution will enable Appletree Medical Group to increase patient satisfaction while relieving clinic administrative staff’s workload, in all their medical clinics.

This partnership with one of Canada’s largest medical clinic groups solidifies Chronometriq’s position as leader in the access-to-care and patient experience segment, and we are grateful that Appletree chose us.” says Remi Richard, Chronometriq’s co-founder and Head of Growth. “Both organizations have a shared vision in which technology in healthcare is an essential tool to optimize medical practices, facilitate access-to-care and ultimately deliver much better patient experiences.

The doctors of the Appletree Medical Group are always looking for ways to improve our patients’ experience. Technology such as Chronometriq’s provide effective solutions to many of the daily time challenges facing all patients. If we can save the patient time, make their experience better, and thereby improve their access to care, in a simple and convenient way, that’s a win for everyone. We’re looking forward to incorporating their system into our workflow.

stated Dr. Thom Tyson, Appletree Medical Group’s CEO and President.

About Appletree

Appletree Medical Group Inc. (AMG), founded in 1992, is one of Canada’s largest multidisciplinary medical groups, providing comprehensive care in Ottawa and the Greater Toronto Area. With its expansive network of family doctors and specialists, and telemedicine services for reaching patients in rural and remote areas, high-quality patient care is provided seven days a week. AMG is dedicated to providing the best environment for all types of practices: family doctors, specialists, acute care, and chronic disease management. Appletree is a two-time winner of ‘Best Medical Clinic’ in local media, and two-time winner of the Consumers’ Choice awards.

About Chronometriq

Chronometriq, founded in 2012, was named one of the twenty-five most innovative businesses by C2-MTL. Since then, they are now leaders in digital healthcare management, through their suite of products enabling full-circle appointment management for clinics and patients alike. In the past year alone, Chronometriq serviced 12 million users through the network of clinics across North America that use their products.

To learn more about Chronometriq, please contact Rémi Richard, Chief Growth Officer, via mobile 514 586-5724, or via email.

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