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Secure Telehealth Technology

Your patients are probably working from home.
Why not let them take medical appointments from home too?

Provide virtual care for your patients

Telemedicine services are becoming increasingly important in keeping patients, not only happy, but safe. 

Pomelo’s telehealth software enables providers to carry out secure, compliant video appointments, as well as maintain a safe social-distance with patients, while still providing superior care.

According to Accenture's 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey, the desire for Telehealth services is on the rise. In 2019, 49% of patients surveyed expected to be able to"communicate with their provider through video conferencing,” up from only 36% in 2016.
Secure Telehealth Technology

Online Booking

Two Ways to Book
With Pomelo’s Telehealth platform, providers can allow patients to book appointments themselves through the portal, or clinics can book video appointments for patients, directly in their EHR.

Appointment Confirmation
After an appointment has been booked, the portal will automatically send the patient a confirmation email with the appointment details, as well as a link to join the video call, which will only become active at the time of the appointment.

No Downloads or Registrations

Accessible Virtual Care
Implementing a new digital system within a medical practice can often seem like a daunting task; however, Pomelo’s Telehealth platform allows providers to give their patients access to remote care without any downloads or registrations necessary. Patients need only an email address to receive the virtual-appointment link as well as a device with internet access in order to attend.

Appointment Details
Patients who do opt to register within the portal however, will have access to their Telehealth appointment details including date & time, appointment duration, etc.

Video Consultations

Instant Reminder

Attendance Notifications
At the time of the appointment, providers will receive a notification when the patient enters the call. If the patient is late, providers can send a one-time reminder notification, encouraging the patients to join the video-appointment, decreasing no-show appointments in the process.

Live Chat

The Telehealth system's live-chat feature also allows providers and patients to message one another before the video appointment, as well as during the consultation.