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Patient Engagement

Upgrading the Patient Experience

Enhance patient communication & patient engagement with fully customizable clinic software.
A fresh approach to healthcare.

Pomelo Health Clinic Software

Simplify existing workflows and increase clinical efficiencies by keeping patients engaged and up-to-date with clinic software that seamlessly integrates with the provider's chosen EMR.

By encouraging patients to become actively involved in their own care, providers can enhance the quality of health care services delivered, as well as ensure that patients remain in-the-loop regarding important information that will help keep them safe.

Benefits of an Engaged Patient

Providers can increase patient satisfaction, and eliminate no-shows simply by keeping their patients engaged.

Long gone are the days of frustrated patients waiting for hours to be seen by a provider. Now, automated appointment reminders, along with virtual check-in, and optional automated check-in instructions help patients show up to the right place, at the right on time.

Provider & Administrative Benefits
Providers can see more patients throughout the day by keeping their schedules organized, and making sure everyone shows up on time.

Providers can also increase efficiency and effectiveness by leveraging clinic software to reduce staff-workload. For example, clinics can customize automated voice, email, or SMS appointment reminders in order to save staff valuable time, previously spent phoning patients.

Patient Portal

Importance of Patient Engagement Software
According to Accenture’s 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey, while 84% of Baby Boomers currently have a primary care physician, 45% of Gen-Z do not. 

20% of Gen-Z also say they have yet to find a provider that meets their needs (affordability, convenience, etc.).

Pomelo Health Patient Portal
Pomelo makes it easy to proactively engage and communicate with patients via the Patient Portal.

Help increase patient retention and satisfaction with a centralized point of access for a better patient experience.


  • eBooking
    Allow patients to easily book appointments without calling the office, providing them with convenience and flexibility, while saving administration time.
  • Appointment Reminders
    Free up valuable staff time with automated email, SMS, and voice reminders so patients never forget an appointment.
  • Secure Messaging
    This secure alternative to regular email allows providers to engage in clear and concise communications with their patients.
  • Broadcast
    Reach patients quickly and easily with relevant information, via email, secure notifications, or directly within the portal.
  • Mobile Check-In:
    Avoid a congested waiting room and free-up valuable staff-time by allowing patients to self-check-in for appointments at home, or as soon as they reach the clinic.
  • Telehealth:
    Provide secure, convenient, virtual care for your patients, no matter the location, with online appointment services.