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Intuitive Appointment
Management Software

A more efficient way to manage medical appointment booking online, and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Manage Appointments, Efficiently

Encourage patient satisfaction by allowing patients to easily book appointments for themselves online, with Pomelo’s eBooking Software.

By allowing patients to book appointments without having to speak to a staff member, providers can free-up valuable staff-time, previously spent on coordinating patient-booking. 

And to help keep things organized, providers can also customize settings on a clinic-wide, provider, appointment type, or patient basis.

Online Booking Software

Custom Appointment Types

Appointment Setup
Set an unlimited number of appointment types for individual providers, as well as customize appointment length, description, advanced check-in time, cancellation policy and reminder content, all within Pomelo's eBooking system.

Appointment Controls
Set specific appointment types to individual providers. For example, the system can be configured so a patient may only be allowed to book a yearly appointment with their primary-care provider, while allowing immunizations to be booked under the care of any available nurse or healthcare provider.

Custom Availabilities

Appointment Type Rules
To ensure that patients don't overbook, providers can customize the number of available appointments, as well as identify the types of appointments they want to offer. They can also allow multiple patients to book the same appointments slot for things like flu shot clinics, group classes, etc.

Confirmation Options
Providers have the option of sending the confirmation directly after the patient books their appointment online, or wait until the clinic has approved the appointment request before sending.

Appointment Duration Settings
Clinics can control not only when a patient is allowed to book an appointment, but how. For example, the provider may permit a yearly check-up to be booked up to 3 months in advance; however if a patient does not claim the spot 24h before it is scheduled to occur, the appointment will automatically be taken offline. An Urgent Appointment, on the other hand, can be configured to only accept same-day appointments.

EMR Integration

Cross-System Functionality
Providers can easily integrate Pomelo’s eBooking system with their own EMR, making the appointment management software accessible directly from the provider’s own website. And to help keep things even more organized, appointments booked online by patients will also appear automatically in the provider’s EMR.

System Confirmations
Appointments can be set to require an approval from the clinic, which will then be automatically updated directly in the EMR. Appointments entered into the EMR will be synced to the Portal and a new appointment notification will be sent to the patient. Appointments cancelled in the EMR by the clinic, will also be marked as cancelled in the Portal.

Triage Forms

Incorporating forms into the eBooking process allows providers to gather important information from patients, before the appointment even begins.

Responsive Forms
Forms can also be designed with specific logic and rules, in order to be responsive to a patient's answers. For example, additional questions may be presented to a patient within the form, based on their previous answers.