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Automated Reminder Software

Appointment Reminder Solution

Video appointment? Phone consultation? Ensure your patients remember every detail of their appointment and help decrease no-show rates with medical reminder software designed specifically for clinics

Send Reminders. Decrease No-Shows.

Pomelo’s Automated Appointment Reminders encourage patients to show-up to their appointments on-time, by giving them all the information they need.

From start-time, to location details, and even instructions on what to do upon arrival, providers can increase patient satisfaction, and save staff countless hours in the process. 

Customizable software features allow providers to set the frequency at which patients receive the reminders, and can prompt patients to confirm their appointment, automatically updating the appointment-status directly within the provider’s EMR.

Patient Email Reminders

Combine Reminder Methods
Email, Voice Message & SMS Reminders

To help patients remember upcoming appointments, as well as reduce no-show rates, providers can now send automated appointment reminders, 3 different ways. 

Depending on the provider or patient’s preference, reminders can be sent as voice messages, emails or SMS.

Providers can also combine multiple notification methods to ensure the most suitable notification strategy for your patients. For example, clinics can combine automated text reminders with email reminders for patients who never pick up, reducing missed appointments.

Customizable Reminder Information

Reminder Details
Providers can also customize the outgoing message to include details like date & time, as well as the appointment’s location to make sure patients knows exactly where they’re going, and what time to be there. 

Reminder Attachments
In light of today’s health-climate, providers can also customize content to include clear information on procedures, safety measures, and whatever else the patient might need to know, prior to arrival.

Reminders can also be customized to include forms, alerts, links, images, attachments, and more.

Adjust Recipient List & Reminder Frequency

Reminder Frequency
Encourage patients to show-up to their appointments on time by setting multiple reminders to go out, months, weeks, or days before the appointment.

Cohort-Specific Reminders
Reminders are automatic and can be customized on a clinic-wide, schedule-specific, appointment-specific or patient-specific basis, and can be turned off for certain appointments while still staying enabled for others.

Works with your Clinic's own EMR

Appointment Confirmation
For added assurance, providers can also use reminders as an opportunity to ask patients to confirm their appointment, as well as track whether or not a reminder has been opened or viewed.

EMR Updates
Once a patient confirms their availability, the appointment status will automatically be updated within the provider’s EMR scheduler.