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Hello Pomelo

We like to be bold.
We're a little different than your average healthcare partner and we think you'll like that freshness.

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Who We Are

"Simplicity drives everything we do. We streamline, we remove frictions, we go further so that healthcare systems can offer a better experience to patients. We believe that simplicity is at the root of delivering better care."

The driving force behind everything we do is our unwavering desire to simplify access to healthcare. It’s why we believe in empathy over ego. We ask countless questions everyday, we value all ideas, we work hard, we get things done and we have fun doing it.

Pomelo Health (formerly Chronometriq) was founded in 2012 by passionate co-founders with the mission to free people from the waiting room. Soon after, they realized there was an opportunity to not only improve healthcare access for people, but also to help clinics work more efficiently and enable them to give patients a better experience.

Our values

We are sensitive to the experiences our patients, customers and colleagues have, and we believe that by understanding a feeling, we can learn a lot and be better.

We look at everything as an opportunity to grow; we learn from each other's experiences, we listen, consider and we ask questions before giving an answer.

Ownership and trust
We put trust in our team; we encourage them to go further, try new things and take ownership of their role. We believe our company is every employee’s company and we keep this in mind when making decisions.

We appreciate genuine conversations, raw expression of others and a what-you-see is-what-you-get approach.


Don't see a posting here for you?
Don't worry, send us a message at vera.gao@pomelohealth.io and let us know how your talents can be applied.